Saturday, February 18, 2012


Madelyn Blackwood never wanted to travel back in time to the 13th century. She only went along to keep an eye on her little brother Ryan.

Now she finds herself in a world that's entirely different from our own. A world where people tend to underestimate the power of women (not to mention girls) and where might makes right.

Unexpectedly, both of those things actually work to her advantage. In fact, she's starting to find that she fits better in this world than she ever would have thought.

This world is a dangerous place and Madelyn and Ryan soon find themselves with no shortage of treacherous enemies who would prefer that they’d never showed up. Facing long odds, and with no way to go back, they can only press onwards. It seems likely that neither one of them will survive long enough to find their way home. But if by some miracle they do, Madelyn may no longer be interested in leaving this new world behind.


  1. This is looking great Mark- looking forward to seeing & reading more . . .

  2. Thanks for the comments! Can't wait to share more.